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Biostatistics and Medical Informatics


Welcome to the Biostatistics and Medical Informatics research group's website.
Brussels Health Campus, Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Laarbeeklaan 103, 1090 JETTE - Brussel

The BISI research group is focused on the intersection between medical research, technology and statistics. Our research is most active in the areas of eHealth and medical instrumentation. BISI is also the main research group to support the statistical consultancy group ICDS.  

BISI today

Currently the BISI research group is managed by Ronald Buyl and Kurt Barbé. Both have a background in statistics, the former has years of clinical experience and focuses on eHealth, the latter brings in years of experience in research on mathematics and statistics and focuses on statistical processing and modeling of medical instrumentation. The group combines doctoral researchers and PhD's from different backgrounds among which are computer science, mathematics and psychology. Most members are actively involved in teaching. 
In 2017, Kurt Barbé initiated a formalization of the consultancy provided by Ronald Buyl and his team to support clinical research which led to a consultancy unit, the Interfaculty Center Data processing and Statistics (ICDS).

BISI history

The BISI research group was founded when the Vrije Universiteit Brussel manifested itself at the Brussels Health campus situated in Jette next to the Universitary Hospital UZ Brussel. Founding father Marc Nyssen who had a background in engineering positioned BISI in the domain of medical informatics. A key contribution was the implementation of a nationwide electronic prescribing system in Belgium. Joining forces with Leonard Kaufman, BISI further developed a focus on statistics to support clinical research in general and to enhance medical informatics in particular. Recognizing the importance of statistics for clinical research, researchers at the Brussels Health Campus quickly found their way to BISI for guidance and collaboration.