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As consultant we contribute to the data analysis and its communication. We are happy to show where we have earned our co-authorship, starting from our first ICDS manuscript July 2019.

Interfaculty Center Data processing & Statistics
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Thank you for helping us keep track of publications we are involved in.

-- 2020 --

Van Deynse, H., Cools, W., Devos, S., Hubloue, I., Lauwaert, D., Moens, M., Pien, K., Schmidt, M., Van Belleghem, G., & Putman, K. (in press). The incremental cost of transport-related traumatic brain injury and older age in adults 65 years and older. Journal of Transport & Health, 19, 100919.

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-- 2019 --

Buyse, L., Decroix, L., Timmermans, N., Barbé, K., Verrelst, R., & Meeusen, R. (2019). Improving the Diagnosis of Nonfunctional Overreaching and Overtraining Syndrome: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 51, 2524–2530.

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